Monday, December 29, 2008

Holy Cow! What Just Happened?

It's almost been a full 2 months since I last posted. You might be asking, "What happened to you, Crafty Chick?" 

Well, since you asked...

My choir kids put on their fall show, Life School Musical, the first Sunday in November so I was pretty busy with rehearsals leading up to that. 

We went to Statesboro for Thanksgiving and had a great long weekend hanging out with family. 

My big project (that I've talked about in previous posts and on Facebook) launched the first weekend in December and I'm relatively sure that I was so busy working that weekend that I might have gone three or four days without make-up or a shower. Yuck! 

The second weekend in December was my choir's big Christmas shows and, on top of post-project launch activities that week, I had 15 hours of rehearsals in the span of about 5 days. Whew. 

By December 16th, I was celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary. As it turned out, it wasn't THAT big of a celebration because I was sick! I know - why in the world would I be sick? It's not like I'd been burning the candle at both ends or anything. Good grief. 

So, because I felt so bad and could hardly drag myself out of bed, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I saw one of the new docs in the practice and she noticed that the last three times I'd been in had been for (surprise) FATIGUE. Ya don't say? (Oh, and she did mention that I've gained 15 pounds in the past year since my last visit. She did blood work to check my thyroid. Uh, whatever. I can tell you why I've gained 15 pounds...start reading from the top of this entry and  multiply that stress by 12 months. That should just about equal 15 pounds.) 

That brings us to Christmas. I've been off for one week already and I'm not scheduled to go back to work until the first Monday in January - a nice, well-deserved breather. 

The Punkin got a Wii for Christmas. What a hoot that thing is! We've had a blast playing with it so far; now we're waiting for some store somewhere to get another shipment of Wii Fit in stock so we can have an animated computer figure tell us how fat we are. HAHAHA!

I have plenty of pictures to post - as soon as I get around to getting them off the memory card. Hopefully sometime this week. Oh, and I did do a little knitting between all of that stuff; something has to keep me sane.


Brittany Newberry said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about this "mystery project"! I have my own project currently in the works that is sort of a "shower preventer" as well.........

Heather H said...

girlfriend, i had almost deleted you from my 'favorite blogs that i read'.

glad you are back.....