Monday, September 04, 2006

Let's See How This Works

OK. If everyone else can have a blog, why not me? I have things to say. . . except for now. Pretty much nothing comes to mind. I did, however, just finish another baby project. It's a hodded one-button jacket from BH&G Hip Knits. It's knit on fat #11's with Lion Brand Boucle' - it works up pretty quickly - provided you actually WORK on it. Oh well, the baby was just born on August 23rd and considering that it's still 90 degrees in "Hot 'lanta" I guess it'll be a while before he wears it. :)

I'm currently working on the Ripple Scarf from Oat Couture. I'm doing it in SWTC's Karaoke in Wild Cherry. I'm liking it a lot. Now I have to decide if I'm going to keep it or "gift" it to someone. Since the yarn is $9.25 per skien, I've got to really KNOW that whoever it's gifted to will love it and WEAR it.

As for my next project(s ) - I'm thinking that I really like this sweater. However, I still need to finish my Neck Down Cardigan from LAST summer and I still have to sew up the Ballerina Neck Sweater (BH&G Hot Knits) from LAST spring (that would be 2005 for those of you who are counting. I still want to learn how to knit socks - I'm still a little scary with DPNs so if you have any suggestions . . . . I'm open.

As for "daily life" at our house, my kindergartener has her first homework assignment due tomorrow. She has to write 4 words that start with the letter "P" and draw corresponding pictures. How does one teach a 4 year old how to draw "purl?" *LOL*

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