Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Look where I'm going - Palmetto Bluff / Hilton Head, SC. Woohoo! We're leaving on Thursday after Punkin goes to meet her first grade teacher. We're going with a bunch of folks from Bill's office - his boss has a house there and we're all staying together. Cozy, huh? There's free golf, free spa, free BEACH, free food. Did I mention the beach? :) I love the ATL, but I really miss the beach. Living in Statesboro, I was 45 minutes from Tybee Island and 1 hour from Hilton Head Island. I could literally wake up on a Saturday and decide, on a whim, to go to the beach. As I drove down I-16 I would decide which one I wanted to go to. If I wanted a "nice" beach, I'd make the turn to I-95 and head to the Head. If I just wanted to get a beach "fix," I'd stay on I-16 and head through downtown Savannah, out the Islands Expressway and on to Tybee. Now, it would take me at least 4 1/2 hours to get to either.... *sigh*

I'll post pics and details when we get back on Sunday. Not much knitting right now because, HELLO, it's 100 degrees and 90%+ humidity! The last thing I want to touch is wool.

More later!

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