Monday, September 17, 2007


File this one under totally RANDOM thoughts.
On my "Today I Feel" link, you'll notice that today I feel FAT! As in huge, retaining water, blobbish, etc. And I have a headache (but there's no "PunkyMoods" icon for that - maybe I should suggest it). So, to make all my ills go away, and allow for some much needed sleep, I've had a nice glass of Savingon Blanc (sp?) with dinner and followed that up with a nice muscle relaxer (Flexeril, to be exact). Now, before you get the wrong idea, my neck has been killing me - too much work on the computer lately (see below for my random ranting about work) and not enough quality sleep. When my neck gets out of whack, it causes my muscles to tighten up and that causes the headache. Follow?
Speaking of work...could I have just a little more of it, please? (Hopefully you're reading the sarcasm - cause it's there.) I'm SO busy right now that I don't know which end is up and I spend most of my days putting out whatever is the most critical fire drill of the day. I'm managing the big software implementation project. One of my main vendors in the Midwest is going through major changes and the same vendor in the Southeast just isn't selling as much as they have in the past (and should be still). And it's my job to find out why and turn the ship.
And I made the mistake of buying groceries at the Super Wal-Mart in Suwanee last night. Don't get me wrong, I spent WAY less than I normally spend at Publix, and I bought a new dog bed for Gretchen. BUT (and this is a big but) the check out process is so TOTALLY stressful that it almost (not sure yet) negates all the savings. No lie. There are 26 checkouts at this Wal-Mart and they had, are you ready, 5 open! On a Sunday evening! When their parking lot and store were packed! What the hell? Come on Wal-Mart! You bully your way into a community, ruining property values, leveling acres of trees and the best you can do on a busy weekend day is FIVE FREAKING REGISTERS? Give me a big, fat break! (That feels better.)
On to knitting....

I'm still working on the Ball Band Dishcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm loving the colors I've chosen (not those on the photo above) and they'll look nice in my new kitchen. I'm thinking of making some for Christmas presents for some family. I have a few aunts that would appreciate them. I think my mother-in-law and sister-in-law would also appreciate them. I'm thinking of making some for my brother's Red & Black University of Georgia kitchen. I'm not worried about fading since he doesn't actually cook there. It's kind of like he has a house that happens to also have a kitchen, know what I mean? Bless his heart....

I also decided to make the bib pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have a few friends who are having/adopting babies and the bibs make for easy, mindless car pool knitting. Speaking of car pool, I'm thinking of making scarves for the poor teachers who have to work car pool. I have some (OK, a lot) of Lion HomeSpun that was given to me and those Berroco Keyhole Scarves are just so easy. A few years ago at work we had a craft fair to raise money for the United Way and, no lie, I sold twenty of them in one day and wrote a check to the United Way for almost $200 (there were a few other stash projects thrown in there, too).
Wednesday is hubby's birthday and the day that Stephanie will be at Knitch in Virginia Highlands. And I have a "ticket" to go... Now I'm feeling guilty for not spending Bill's birthday with him. What's a gal to do? I have ALL of her books and this is the FIRST time (and presumably the only time until maybe the next book tour) she's come to the ATL . I'm still thinking it over and I'll let you know what I decide to do.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those random thoughts were, let me say....random. It reminds me of your nervous habit of flipping pages in a book. Talk about stress...not that really stresses me out. Sorry you've had so much on your plate lately. Don't bury yourself between the walls of an office, or in your case, 10 hour day conference calls. Take some time for yourself. Your sanity depends on it. Sounds like Bill dosen't appreciate your writing about knitting. Guess you'd really have to be crafty to appreciate knit one, pearl one. I remember all those scarfs you sold. I have to admit I was truly impressed. Just think...your're teaching your daughter to be "crafty" as well. Poor Bill. As for the feeling "fat", most all of us can at one point in time, relate to the same feeling. Just "get over it." The sad part is the feeling fat appears to be a continuous cycle, at least for me. Oh, the family truly did enjoy your visit to Statesboro. Just don't wait so long between visits. Happy crafting. By the way, I think you have way to much yarn. Just dig them out of all those bins in your scrapbook room and I'm sure you're uncover yarn you'd forgotten you had. Until next time.