Thursday, October 18, 2007

Water, Water...Nowhere

In case you haven't heard, we've kinda hit critical mass in the metro ATL. Based on today's news we only have 80 days worth of drinking water left in Lake Lanier. 80 days, people! And the Army Corp of Engineers still insists on releasing 250 million gallons of water daily to protect some endangered muscles in the Apalachacola (sp?) basin. WHAT? There are 6 million people in the ATL and we're worried about some muscles in Florida. I'm sorry - that just doesn't make walking around sense.

It rained today - for a grand total of 15 minutes. So, not much help for the drought. I'm not much on the whole Global Warming thing - in fact, I think much of the research is tragically flawed (leave nasty comments if you want, but when you have temperature guages in the New Mexico desert on the side of west-facing rocks, you're going to get higher temp readings) - not all scientists agree on the science of Global Warming - I don't care what Al Gore says in his little movie. Anyway, I DO think that people need to be responsible. So, we're now only running the dishwasher when it's actually full; same for the washer. Before you know it, they'll be rationing how many showers we can take per week. It'll be like living in France. :)

(Rant over...)

I said I wouldn't do it...but I'm now making the Monkey socks on double points, not circulars. I know, I know. But the circulars started to bother me. I'm also almost finished with a cardigan for Punkin's American Girl. We were at the yarn store on Saturday and she saw one on display in the shop. She choose her own yarn (pink, of course). The first skein she choose was $16+ ... um, I don't think so. We, the sales girl and I, were able to steer her to a more "reasonably" priced yarn for a doll sweater. It was a quick knit and I should have it sewn together sometime this weekend. I'll post pics.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have AquaDots! I'm not sure what they are, but Punkin's wanted them for, like, EVER and we finally broke down and bought them tonight. Once I figure out what they are, what they do and why they're such a big deal, I'll let you know.

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Anonymous said...

Was browsing your blog and saw that you bought AquaDots. PLEASE if you haven't heard, get them away from your child immediately and return them for a refund. There has been a serious recall involving these products turning into GHB if accidentally ingested. See here for more details: