Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's the Super Bowl of Politics

Today is "Super Tuesday" and, yes, I voted. It appears that my guy is going to win Georgia and hopefully that means that the Fair Tax will get more attention. Fingers (and toes) crossed. It'll be interesting to watch the results come in. I've been instructed to only watch the tickers across the bottom of the screens and NOT to watch the shows where they actually talk about what's going on. That tends to get me a little too "hot and bothered" and I have problems calming down enough to fall asleep. Not good. (If there are knitters who actually read this blog I'll probably get slammed. Knitters tend to be aggressively democratic. Opinion based solely on the sheer number of comments on their blogs and the sidebar "Days til GWB is Out of Office" counters. Certainly not "inviting" for those of us who are of the more conservative persuasion. I'm just sayin.)

Any way. I've been making socks! Lots and lots of socks. It's totally the fault of this book:
I (will) have pics...as soon as I find my camera.

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Rox said...

Hey Girl!! Love the Fair Tax! And i can't beleive someone animated Boo Got shot!!! Too funny!!! It is funny just to hear it!!