Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Years Ago Today...

Two years ago today we adpoted Leah. This is what she looked like when she was rescued.

Pitiful, huh? She was abandoned by her former owners. Apparently they moved away and left her in their backyard - with no food and no water. They aren't sure how long she was there before someone found her and called animal control. The vet that originally treated her said that she was one of the worst cases of abuse they'd ever seen. She had to sleep under a heat lamp and on a heating pad for the first several days in order to keep her warm. She was barely able to stand due to her condition. She went to a wonderful foster mom named Jean Strein in North Augusta, SC. Jean got her in January and nursed her back to health.

We found her on and fell in love with her because of this picture.

Look at that cute face! She just looked like she wanted to come live with us. In mid-January 2006 I emailed the foster mom and told her we wanted to be put into consideration for adoption. I told her our story or rescuing our three-legged schnauzer, Abby, and how she contracted optic neuritis and died. I told her about our visits to the doggie opthamologist.... all that to say we'd be great parents for Leah.

So, we got her and this is what she looks like today.

Hard to believe she's the same dog. If it weren't for the gray beard, you'd never know it. She weighs 18 pounds and eats like a BIG dog. She's my shadow - follows me everywhere I go. She sleeps in between me and Bill. You couldn't ask for a better dog. It's almost like she KNOWS how bad she had it and how good she has it now and I really think she APPRECIATES us.

So, the next time you think you want a dog, don't go to a pet store or a breeder. Go through a rescue organization. I have several linked on the right side of this blog under my favorite links. Leah is our third rescue and we'd never again do it any other way.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. I'm so happy to hear about your successful adoption. Bravo!