Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day

Look what I got for Mother's Day... They'll be here sometime this week. WooHoo! To prepare for their arrival, we went to the Superstore and to the driving range this evening. Punkin hit her clubs and is doing quite well. She got a new golf glove at the Superstore and thought she was 'da bomb! How cute is that? We're thinking that she's going to be a better golfer than gymnast - she can't point her toes (kinda hard to be a good gymnast if you can't point your toes).

I sold some stash yarn on Ebay - at least (overall) made my money back. Someone in PA got a dealio on some Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee eyelash yarn - 20 balls for $8.50. It retails for $2.97 per ball - I only paid $1 each for it. I made up the difference on some Lion Brand Homespun that was gifted to me. Those 10 skeins sold for $15.50. All together - $24, $4 more than I had "invested" in the eyelash. As they say, one man's trash....

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