Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Rant About a @#$% Sewing Machine

It should have been an easy project - just adding some 3/4" grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the handles of a bag I finished crocheting. You know - a little something "extra" to finish it off nicely. Should is the operative word here. I'm here to tell you that nothing (do you hear me? Nothing!) sends me over the edge, makes me cuss like a sailor, drives me to drink copious amounts of wine, than my dang sewing machine! Apparently, I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader because this little bit of straight line sewing kicked my proverbial arse! 

First, there was the bobbin. Oh, the bobbin. The @#$%^&* bobbin! (I could sew if it weren't for the bobbin, but I digress.) You see, I wanted to use this shiny, hot pink for the top thread and a really cool transparent (clear) for the bobbin thread - so the bobbin thread wouldn't show through on the outside of the bag. Um. Not. In. This. Lifetime.

This is just some of the thread I wasted in my multiple attempts to wind my bobbin. (Why didn't I have an interest in sewing while my grandmother was living? Why!) If nothing, I'm persistent. I refuse to be licked by a heap of cheap plastic. (Translated: I wound, unwound, rewound - not with one color, but with three! Hot Pink. Clear. Light Pink.)

These are the handles after much fussin', cussin' and general "un-christian-like" behavior. I didn't get a close up shot because I didn't want you to see how crooked my "straight" stitching was. UGH!

This is the (still) unfinished bag. I will HAND stitch the handles onto the bag. I will hand stitch my label into the bag. And I will never try to do this on my sewing machine again. 

I. Do. Solemnly. Swear. (So help me, God.)

Or, maybe I should just take a sewing lesson? What do you think?



Katie B said...

The ONLY time I have ever had that kind of trouble with my machine was when I was trying to use that clear, fusible thread. Machines don't like it!! The bag looks great now...

Knit Witch said...

OMG!!!!!!! Thank you for validating my feelings about the evilness of sewing machines! I too want to learn but I dread the cursing, crying and general discontent that goes along with using the blasted thing. I can't figure out how you are supposed to SEW a straight line when you can't even CUT a straight line! You're right - perhaps a sewing lesson is in order............ugh. I want to make a new futon cover, I have the material and it SHOULD be an easy project but I am dreading even thinking about starting it!

Claudia said...

I feel your pain. Nothing makes me feel more inept then my sewing machine. I definitely think I need a class. The bag looks great though!