Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad Blogger. Bad.

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I'm a bad blogger. 

Today is January 25th and it's been since January 1st since I last posted. To make matters worse, I have no real excuse. I have time to update Facebook and read email but for some reason I can't make time to update this blog. Sad, really.

On the weight loss front, I've lost 6 pounds - it doesn't sound like a lot but it feels like a lot. I actually bought 2 new pairs of pants yesterday and my jeans are starting to fit a little more loosely. I have a long way to go but I didn't get to be this size in 3 months and I won't lose it in 3 months. I realize it's a process. My goal is to lose it all in a year. I would like to lose most of it by the spring/summer because of my husband's 20-year class reunion. But that's another story for another day. 

The only thing I've been knitting is socks and if I'd knit a complete pair before I started another pair I would probably have something to show for my efforts besides 5 half pairs of socks. But, alas, I cannot be "project monogamous." My next project is going to be these Leyburn Socks that I saw on the Harlot's page - they're from Pepperknit. As soon as I figure out how to do a toe-up cast on I'm going to knit them in Sagitarius from the Knit Witch because I think the stitch pattern will show off the colors in the yarn nicely. The picture of the yarn doesn't do it justice - it's WAY prettier in person. If you have a suggestion for a toe-up cast on (or better yet a VIDEO of what to do) leave me a comment. 

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Knit Witch said...

Yay for Knit Witch yarn! Congrats on the 6 pounds - that really IS a big accomplishment!!!

Here is a video on a magic cast on for toe-ups
However, I can never get this particular cast-on to work for me (I'm not particularly coordinated ya know) so here is the provisional cast on that I like to use (though this video isn't particularly for doing socks.