Monday, February 02, 2009

Progress Report - Month One

It's been one month since I started the Biggest Loser challenge with some of my Facebook friends. It has NOT been easy since I LOVE to eat and I have an incurable sweet tooth. I am not a morning person and by the end of the day I find it hard to squeeze in a workout (working 10+ hours a day doesn't help either). I've been doing pretty good on managing my calories. I downloaded an app (called Lose It!) for my iPhone. I use it to track EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth as well as my exercise and daily weigh ins. Since my iPhone is virtually attached to me like a body part, it's easy to remember to log my intake.

The good thing is that there has been some weight loss! So far I've lost 9 pounds, which is about the 1-2 pounds per week average I was shooting for. What makes it great is that the 9 pounds translates into 7 inches! 3 inches from my chest (bummer), 2 from my waist (yeah) and one from each of my thighs. I can finally start to see a difference! Yahoo!  My pants fit MUCH better now. I'm planning to literally work my arse off so that I can win the prize money ($600) - you can buy a lot of new clothes with $600!

Now, get out there and eat a Krispy Kreme for me! (Just tell me that it was awful and I wasn't missing anything. Thanks. Carry on.)

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Knit Witch said...

You are doing awesome! If it makes you feel any better - Mr. Man and I stopped and got 2 donuts each on the road a couple of weeks ago - I hadn't had a donut in a LONG time. Dude, we felt like CRAP after we ate them - and I am a donut lover. But, no more - I mean we felt TERRIBLE!!!!