Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't You Love It When a Plan Comes Together?

We'll get to knitty stuff later... for now, we need to catch up on what's been going on at Casa de Thatcher.

We headed to the 'Boro the weekend of November 10th for my Aunt Jean's 50th SURPRISE birthday party. I emphasize surprise because normally she makes it a point to know everything about everybody and the fact that Amy, Kristen and Ginger (the daughters, my cousins) could keep it secret, and have everyone invited to the party keep it a secret, is monumental and worth mentioning. In fact, she was so surprised that it took her a minute to come in the door. So, here's a snipit of the reaction:
And for the cute baby photo of the night, I give you baby Kole - complete with his matching camo jacket and bappy. Can I get a collective "AWWWW" from the crowd? He probably should have been wearing this adorable gray wool sweater, but I digress...
In other news, my friend Joy's albums are FINALLY out (it only took 2 years...I'm just sayin'). You'll remember that I had the privilege of singing back up on one of the songs on her Christmas album - I was part of the live choir that did back up for O Holy Night - there were only 40 of us but it sounds like a lot more - good acoustics in the church we recorded in. Eventually (the week after Thanksgiving) you'll be able to buy them on CDBaby and iTunes (search for Joy Waters Fowler when you get there) but for now, you can only order them direct from the record company - Red Arches Records. Let me know if you're interested (thatch10ATbellsouthDOTnet) and I'll email you the order info. Or call me - if you're family/friend and have my number. Anywhoo, the albums are won-der-ful; the first one is all the hymns you used to sing in church (before praise and worship music took over) and the second one is all Christmas music. I'm sure you'll be thrilled with them - she's fantastic.

I'm almost finished with the Monkey socks! I only have the instep and toe to finish on my second one and I'll officially have a REAL PAIR. And they FIT! I know . . . shut up. I have a new pair on the needles - made out of Wick in a colorway called Painted Daisies. The pattern is from a book I can't remember but I'll look it up and post pics as soon as the batteries are charged in the camera.

I'm sure there's more but I can't remember what else I need to post. More to come...

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