Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FCS3, 10Ks and New Girlfriends (not mine!)

(The Blogger photo uploader is starting to pi$$ me off so there may or may not be photos with this post. I tried to post on 4/16 but the photo uploader kept giving me error messages. I tried again today and. Same. Freaking. Thing. Driving me NUTS! Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.)
We went to Statesboro the weekend of April 10th (my brother's b-day) through April 13th and here's what we did...

To recap, strawberry pickin' - looks yummy, huh? Nothing better than picking your own strawberries. :)

We played a little golf . . . though some of us didn't play so well.

This is my brother and his cute new girlfriend - she's absolutely adorable; I couldn't have picked a better one. They're planning on coming to ATL for the AT&T Classic; she's a big golfer. (Which means that Bill thinks she's great, too.) Her only flaw is that she's a University of Florida grad and my brother is a huge University of Georgia fan. Oh well, opposites DO attract - or so they say.

This is where I WOULD post the picture of what I got from my FCS3 secret pal - Susan from Knitter's Delight. She sent 7 balls of Elann Camilla in a pretty shade of peachy-pink, the pattern for what will be my first shawl, a candle, some great beads, a notepad and various other little goodies. I posted about it here - the photo loader was working THAT day...

Here's what Claudia had to say about what I sent her. All in all, FCS3 was quite fun and I'll definitely do it again.
Last Saturday my friend Kimberly and I did the Corners to Crossing 10K. We walked - she's not a runner and I'm totally out of "race shape" and couldn't have run anyway. We finished in 1:35:48 (me) and 1:35:49 (her). Not bad given neither of us trained for it and only signed up a week before the race. We're planning on doing the Big Peach Running Company 5K on May 3rd - I'll let you know how that one goes; I'm thinking of trying to actually run that one since it's only 3.1 miles. This year all of their proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, of which, as you know, I'm a big fan.
Well, that pretty much catches me up for now. If I could stop playing on Ravelry I would probably post more often. :)
Knit on, friends!

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