Friday, July 06, 2007

I Obviously SUCK at Blogging!

It's fair to say that anyone who goes S-I-X months without a S-I-N-G-L-E post might not be cut out for Blogging. However, the third time's the charm, right?

It's been a busy first half of the year. The merger between AT&T and BellSouth (merger - funny word....totally was a "we bought you" takeover) closed in late December - practically on New Year's Eve. Since then, my life has been a total blur. Work got crazy. I got moved to a new team with a new boss who is in Chicago of all places. (I love Chicago.) There's no one on my immediate team in the ATL. The good news is I like what I'm doing and it's relatively the same as what I was doing before.

I ran a marathon! Totally true. 26.2 miles. I decided that I needed a way to manage stress (and the accompanying fat ass that it gives you) and it was either take up running or become really good friends with the wine guy at the Duluth package store. You get some "interesting" looks when you go to Cost Plus World Market, load up a cart with bottles of wine and respond "nope, all for me" when the clerks says "having a party?" Plus, a good Baptist like me isn't really supposed to be coping with a nice bottle of Chianti, right?

Back to the, in January I signed up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program to run the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in San Diego, CA on June 3rd. My first run was 3 miles at the beginning of February and I thought. I . Was. Going. To. DIE. Seriously. Nearly killed me. Four months and more than 350 training miles later, I ran my first marathon! I finished in a stellar 6 hours, 39 minutes and 55 seconds. (You had to finish in less than 7 hours -- 20 minutes and 5 seconds to spare!) Who cares? I FINISHED! And I raised more than $4500 for those in Georgia/Atlanta metro area who are battling blood cancers. I told everyone that, next to childbirth, it was the most exhilirating and excruciating thing I've ever done. And it was. This picture of me is post race (see my medal around my neck!) and I was getting my blisters, um, "tended to" by some poor volunteer.

Crafting...ah, forgotten hobbies. Now that it's summer, I have time to break out all the works in progress. And honey, there are a lot of WIPs. Just ask my dear husband. He'll tell you. I'll try to take pictures and post but just for your pleasure here are the ones I can think of:

  • a lovely blue top-down cardigan

  • an crochet afghan for Neely that I just have to piece together (hello? what was I thinking? 48 different pieces)

  • two different pairs of socks

  • a blue "fish-netty" scarf out of Melody by SWTC (sidebar: quite possibly the most frustrating yarn I've ever worked with)

  • a white heirloom baby afghan that's 3/4 of the way done

  • a pink baby afghan for a baby that was born LAST NOVEMBER

  • a black bottom up 2x2 rib sweater from Jenna Adorno (pattern from

  • this cute tank for Neely which needs to be seamed and blocked

  • an adorable purse made out of crocheted triangles that I need to piece together

  • then there's the ballet neck sweater from "Hip Knits" that I finished in 2005 that I steamed and blocked and just haven't sewn together (I obviously need professional help for my "can't-finish-itis")

  • and that's just some of the yarn projects. We haven't talked about scrapbooking and stamping and sewing and . . . .
Whew! That's enough, I think. Perhaps my goal for the rest of the year should be to, I don't know, finish what I've started! Oh, I'm not sure if that hurt or felt good?

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