Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Painting's Done . . .Almost

Kitchen's painted! Well, technically the main wall color is on but I still have to work on the trim. Have I mentioned that I. Hate. Trim. Just curious. Trim takes all the fun out of painting.
I'm really very happy with the color - it's not too dark, not too light. Not too green, not too olive. Like Goldilocks, it's "just right." Walking in the door and seeing it makes me smile. I can't wait until we get the floors down. But, no floors until I finish the trim. ARGH!

The maids come to clean tomorrow. (Sometimes I wish I could read their minds when they walk into my house. I'm sure that they tell all of their friends back in Brazil about that crazy girl in Duluth who has a room full of yarn and paper and who never sweeps.) After they're done I'll finish the trim and then we'll start pulling up the old floor and getting ready to put down the new one. Here are a few of the other pics....


Rox said...

The kitchen loks great!! I know you are excited about getting the floors down. Good work on the pictures too : )

Anonymous said...

Mom writes...you're one crafty chick. Like your hubby, I'd like to see some finished projects. You've got so much beautiful yarn. Oh well, with the marathon, work, "punkin", and laundry, who has time for projects anyway. I can't wait to see the kitchen with the new floor. It is going to make an awesome difference.